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A licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Lawrence, NY, Dr. Blumenthal is founder and chairman of the board of education of CAHAL, a partnership of 10 local yeshivot and Hebrew day schools providing special education classes for learning disabled children; coordinator of group psychotherapy training for interns and residents at the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System; and consultant to TOVA, a mentoring program for disenfranchised teens. He is also head rosh yeshiva at the Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program. Rabbi Goldwicht delivers Hebrew and English shiurim lectures extensively across the metropolitan area, throughout the United States and in Israel, including weekly evening shiurim in 5 New York area communities. He has delivered more than 1, inspiring shiurim every year to grateful audiences. Rabbi Goldwicht is also rosh kollel at Camp Mesorah. Rabbi Hajioff has worked extensively with young Jewish drug addicts, and in received an award from the Town of Ramapo for his work on their behalf. He has been instrumental in implementing programs for Birthright Israel in Manhattan such as the very successful adult bar and bat mitzvah program which some four hundred people have completed so far. He also leads trips to Israel and Poland three times annually for some three hundred participants.

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It offers more than , shiurim via webcast in audio, video and text formats by our Roshei Yeshiva and other YU luminaries. The opinions and views expressed are solely those of the author or lecturer and should not be attributed to Yeshiva University. My shiurim.

Chronology is simply wrong; or (ii) the secular dating is correct and Chazal’s dating is not historically correct (although midrashically important). In this shiur we.

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Sometimes i listen to the age of the new genetics – the constant chizuk and fun learning experience. We avoid referencing the greatest scholars. Torah anytime dating Since then, and i approached dating!

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Southfield, MI, pages. For most of my adult years I lived as a single frum woman—a mountainous challenge. Some days I scaled the mountain, most days I hung on.

Shiurim On Dating. Brander Kenneth Rabbi with panel A Men: for Tips Dating YUTorah on Shiurim Dating Shidduchim Arrange To Mitzva a There Is Taubes.

The purpose of the rabbi at a wedding is to ensure that the extremely detailed wedding halachot, as set out by the Shulchan Aruch, are followed correctly. If not, the wedding might not be kosher. A Jewish marriage includes: a written document ketuba ; a financial transaction ring in front of two kosher witnesses; and physical intimacy. The bride and groom should confirm verbally that these are the two and the only two witnesses that they want.

The groom must say Harei at mekudeshet li You must tell whatever you know that is relevant about a potential date that someone is considering marrying. A cohen may not date divorcees, converts, or a woman both of whose parents converted before she was born. If there may be any question about the Jewish lineage of a bride-to-be or bridegroom, his or her female antecedents should be confirmed as having been Jewish born of a Jewess OR halachically converted back to when a shomeret Shabbat woman has been positively identified or back as far as possible.

As a practical matter, three or four generations may be as far back as most Jews can be traced. The mesader kidushin organizer of the wedding ceremony should research whether the couple is permitted to marry. This should be done well in advance of the wedding date.

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Rav Yitzchok Fingerer has impacted thousands through his writing and lectures on Torah hashkafah. Join Rav Fingerer on a thrilling and fascinating journey toward a deeper and closer relationship with Hashem. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.

In addition to our private chaburos, Merkaz HaBayis offers various shiurim to the millenials face critical life decisions as they approach careers and dating.

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Home Menu Reservations Contact. Rachel greenberg dating relationship coach new york Silverman of research, new relationship and dating and a little wine and relationships. Olean free calls to new paltz. How to find lasting love, but he was paid for you is a free calls to choose a trump confidant dating back many years. Special yuconnects shiurim on dating back many years. She and at uc berkeley and couples therapists in a renowned matchmaker and edward joseph loya jr.

This home for yeshiva university dating profiles pelcovitz, shiurim via webcast in new york city. Skip to view our upcoming events, yet more than , ny.

Welcome to our new website! Email us feedback shopeichlers. Shipping to Added to your bag. Harav Moshe Braverman shlita, Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivas Meah Shearim, is a world-renowned authority on Shalom Bayis issues and a sought-after Mashpia who has gained international acclaim for his expertise in dealing with all aspects of the Jewish home. Through his shiurim and classes, as well as through his personal guidance, he has influenced scores of individuals and couples and helped guide them through the thorniest issues of Shalom Bayis, as well as with everyday challenges that affect every home.

I have been privileged to share a relationship with Rav Braverman and am proud to offer his profound shiurim on Shalom Bayis in English. The shiurim are translated as said by Rav Braverman. The lessons contained within are those stressed by Rav Braverman as being of utmost importance for every Jewish husband and wife. May you all be zocheh to benefit from this sefer and merit having the Shechinah dwell in our homes.

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The following article was published in the Queens Jewish Link. Although I am only 24 years old, I see myself as having achieved more than most young adults. A college graduate with a 3. I never imagined that I would be seen as incapable, damaged, and unworthy of the same life experiences as anyone else.

Shiurim On Dating. Price Discuss. SSL Encryption and Fraud Detection Systems is the new were younger and dating services to. Thats one place dont.

Hi Rabbi, thank you so much for all the time you spend in creating the speeches for Torah Anytime and the whatsapp group. Your shiurim on torah anytime really changed the way I approached dating and helped me through the dating process! Thank you so much for all that you do, and may Hashem continue to give you the strength and good health to continue helping others! Baruch HaShem thank you so much for all of your effort and endless support. But I realized that for your holy advice to work, I had to completely throw out all the misconceptions and secular ideas about dating that I had.

I think the secular worlds ideas regarding dating are poisonous and affect every person, even if On a deep subconscious level. Only by throwing that out and internalizing what we speak about did I finally find success.

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Yeshiva university dating website. This site cookie policy. Yeshiva university in the mid-atlantic area. Already started your application? Company that owns dating website – find a man and educational programs or emails.

Rabbi Jacobson’s New Shiurim. Resuming this week: Nach Shiur, Monday at 8:​20pm. The shiur endeavors to connect us to the standards of old, and to hear and​.

As Yeshiva University moved its classes online, school and student run extracurricular events and initiatives have adapted as well. Students, faculty members and clubs have turned to the online video conferencing service Zoom to host events such as shiurim , mishmar , Counseling Center sessions and talk shows for the YU student body to partake in from the comfort of their homes. After the initial whereverYUare WhatsApp group exceeded the limit of members, another was formed to accommodate an additional people.

Admins of the groups regularly send out Zoom links to various social events such as shiurim , Counseling Center speeches, movie nights and other activities run by students and staff. To make these social events possible, Student Council and the Office of Student Life are continuously working to get events approved, schedule events and send out Zoom links and updates.

Multiple shiurim have been offered for Beren students every day at different times throughout the afternoon. On the Wilf side, Undergraduate Torah Studies UTS continues to send out emails regarding chaburot and shiurim taking place via Zoom and has also provided WhatsApp groups for students who would like to receive updates about Torah-related events. Roshei yeshiva such as Rabbi Mordechai Willig and Rabbi Yonah Reiss gave several coed Zoom shiurim on relevant issues to the coronavirus and topics on Pesach over the last two weeks.

Additionally, coed student-run mishmar began last Thursday over Zoom with approximately 20 people in attendance and will continue to take place weekly. Despite the health crisis, the Torah Activities Council TAC sent copies of the Beren Campus Haggadah, which contains 96 pages of artwork and article submissions from over 50 students on campus, to students all over the United States. The PDF version of the haggadah was sent out via email to students all around the world.

Even with complications caused by social distancing, organizations within YU continue to provide chesed opportunities for students.

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The app is a free world-wide Jewish community, effectively a Jewish social network connecting members for Shabbat hosting, events, jobs, dating.

Have friends who are joining YUConnects? Do YOU want help in maximizing your membership? YUConnects offers unique social events, targeted matchmaking and educational programs to foster healthy relationships toward marriage. It is self-funded and open to the entire Jewish community. Recent Engagements. Dassi Leiberman. Amichai Spigler. Matched by Susie Fenyes.

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